Slowing down. Living Well.

With the change of the summer season comes the change of pace.
No one lives by this more than our Founder, Nicole, who savors the summer months on the shores of Italy. We caught up her on her routines and rituals around slowing down and living well this summer. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most this summer?

A: You may have heard the phrase dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing. Summer to me is just that – an invitation to slow down, be present and fully indulge in the simple things that bring joy and make you feel alive. In my mind, nothing is better than lazing a warm day on the beach with my daughter and my husband. In the summer months we find a little home somewhere off the beaten path in Italy and try to unplug. This year we’ll be in Sardinia and I’m so looking forward to spending our days cooling off in the water, finding hidden seaside restaurants and meeting some local olive farmers. We have a few groves picked out for tastings - I always come home with way too may cases of extra virgin olive oil.

Q: How does your approach to beauty + your routine change (if at all during the summer)?

A: My beauty routine mimics a lot of my personal routine in summer - slow and minimal with a lot of water. I spend extra time with hydration throughout the day – always applying and re-applying sunscreen – I love Grown Alchemist’s hydrating face sunscreen and the 5 in 1 moisturizing sunscreen by suntegrity. I love a rosewater face mist and reapply often. I don't wear much makeup in summer, rather my sunscreen has a tint to it and I add just a bit of color on my lips and cheeks to match the bronze on my shoulders. I'm really into Henné right now for a subtle sunskissed pink. In the evening I love our antioxidant rich Tramonto Oil to keep my skin healthy and glowy from the day’s rays.

Q: What are your summer travel must-haves?

A: I am currently packing for 6 weeks in Italy and while I like to keep things light, there are always a few things aside from my body oils that I can’t live without. I love my Lea the Label swim - they launched a new Jade color this summer and it’s to die for. I have a handmade crochet tote I found in a market in Crete that fits everything and I take absolutely everywhere. I also always pack my vintage ‘91 Nikon film camera. It’s quite heavy but captures the most dreamy moments in summer - worth every bit of lugging around.

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