La Riviera is the Italian word for coastline, where the earth meets the sea. It is where a profound balance of solid grounding and constant motion exists. It is where we seek refuge. A beginning and end place. It is also synonymous with the Mediterranean lifestyles of Côte d'Azur and Liguria – where balance is found between indulgence and simplicity. Where the richest pleasures are neither bought nor sold, but experienced. 

It is between these two ideals that you will find us.


La Riviera Botanics is a health-conscious beauty brand infusing the secrets of the Mediterranean with modern science for whole body wellness. We develop all-natural and efficacious skincare from earthly ingredients that deliver immediate and lasting results. Our mission is to unlock the power of precious herbs and botanicals through science and craft unparalleled ritual products that ensure both inner and outer radiance. 

Our vision is to deepen the connection we have with our bodies and the natural world around us to ensure a more balanced, healthier and fulfilling life.