a letter from our founder

our story

I wanted to be the first to not only thank you for supporting our brand, but to welcome you to this beautiful community. The people here continue to amaze me — each with unique stories, struggles and passions that have all shaped them to who they are today. And I’m sure you’re no different. I’m glad you’re here. 

La Riviera was inspired by my own struggle. After fighting my way back from 7 heart surgeries and an autoimmune disease, I have seen how important the things we do and use daily can affect our overall health and wellbeing. When I discovered my everyday personal care products were making me sick and causing these conditions to worsen, I thought there had to be a better way. 

With a background grounded in social impact, I knew mission driven companies had the potential to transform lives. I also knew that more than 80% of women experience the same hormonal disruption I had (likely from the average 12 products we use daily),  more than 60% of what we put on our bodies gets inside, and industries such as suncare hadn’t changed regulation in nearly 40 years! And I knew women deserved a company where short term results weren’t prioritized over long term health effects. 

As in many Italian families, I first turned to my grandmother — a 90 year old matriarch still in her prime. Her words have forever stayed with me. With a cool wave of the hand she said:

"just use olive oil darling, it's the mediterranean way..."

I heeded her advice, uprooted my entire beauty routine and little by little my symptoms dissipated, and my autoimmune disease suppressed.

She was on to something. I felt it. I saw the change in my body and the change in my skin. And together, armed with a team of doctors, scientists and several trips around the Mediterranean, we started something more than just skincare— a company that deeply and innately cares to create products that contribute to the longevity of health, fusing together generational wisdom, modern science and ingredients purely of the earth — all without sacrificing luxury, experience or effectiveness.

Believe me, I understand how precious life is, and how incredibly strong and resilient our bodies can be. And while I might not be a purest -- after all, a little indulgence is what makes life rich :) I do believe it’s the little things we do everyday — our daily rituals — that matter. And these are what should be pure… or as we like to say, Virgin. These rituals are the culmination of our health, and the foundation of our wellbeing.

That said, thank you for allowing us such a great responsibility and inviting us to be a part of your daily ritual. Know that there is so much more we have in store for you to make you feel and look your most radiant. And if you ever have any thoughts, ideas or just want to chat, please reach out to us. I’d love to hear from you. 

Until then, sending love, gratitude and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.