off the beaten path

Nothing makes traveling more exciting than to wander upon untouched, tucked away, dreamy places that you frequent vividly – in your mind as you breathe in the earthy tones of our Alba e Tramonto, in lively conversations with friends, or even in person on your next summer trip. Showing our appreciation for the abundant beauty of the magical Mediterranean Sea, we made a list of our personal favorite off-the-beaten-path beaches combined with must-visit locations recommended by friends who know a thing or two about their native homeland. Follow along with us, keeping your bottles of Alba e Tramonto in reach, as we take you east to west, and the places in between for the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean riviera.


Named after this striking color, Turkey is well represented by the magic that happens along its stunning Turquoise Coast. Situated between a freshwater lake and the brilliant sea, İztuzu Beach is pristine, iconic, and respected especially for the sea turtles who embark on a lifelong journey, only to return to that same nest to lay their own eggs.


Beneath the limestone cliffs and rich in its own seafaring history, the beaches around the Bay of Kotor have everything we adore– blue skies to match the water, cobblestone staircases that flow from the village to the beach, and mountainous landscapes that go on as far as your eyes can see. The activities are endless as well– learn something in the Maritime Museum, whitewater raft down the Tara River Canyon, browse the Old Town Market, or hide away in the charming Blue Caves.


Falling adjacent to the main island the small Blue Lagoon, known for its unrivaled bright color, is truly the jewel of Malta and a must-visit on your next Maltese adventure. This place has (deservingly) built up attraction, so we highly recommend getting there by private boat, to get there before the crowds come in. This place is made for maximizing the moments of sunlight, until it finally rests over the horizon, giving you its last amber rays before giving way to the night.

Valleta, the capital of Malta, was built atop Mount Scibberas after the defensive siege led by Jean de La Valette against the Turks. Today you will enjoy what has become of this robust city– main roads packed full of lively boutiques and cafes, and side roads leading to our favorite hidden views from the vintage Maltese houses overlooking either side of the harbor. To experience the serenity of the harbor, arrive at the break of dawn to watch the sun glimmer over the water for a few peaceful moments before waking up the walls of the city. – Recommended by Kent Gilges

North of the capital you will come across Julian’s Bay where you can feel in your ‘home away from home.’ It's a locals-only, families-welcomed kind of vibe, and the beauty is in its simplicity. Small beaches line the harbor, where canoes and sailboats are anchored alike and people relax, soaking up the warm sun.


Giola, Thassos. At the southern tip of the island of Thassos, look for a teardrop-shaped, natural pool that was carved out of the rocks over the course of millions of years. If you seek a little rush of adrenaline, this is the perfect place for a short cliff jump; the side ledges give way to deep, glistening seawater. “Go earlier in the day to enjoy more of it to yourself.” – Vasilia Giamali

Koumbara, Ios. “This is a very remote island that few people make it to– but the whole journey is beautiful and definitely worth it.” - Javier Latasa

Hideaway in the rocky coves on the water, then head to Pathos Sunset Club and Restaurant for modern architecture vibes, colorful lights, and maybe a DJ to set the mood. Grab a drink, kick off your shoes, and you’re set for the night.

Simos, Elafonisos. This hourglass-shaped land creates a long stretch of beach on one side and a very small and curvy beach on the other. With crystal clear, calm water and a picturesque view dotted with sailboats, “you’ll need a long moment here to take it all in– plan accordingly!” - Maria Torrent.

Heading into Porto Katsiki on the Island of Lefkada, you will find Egremni Beach, “quite possibly the dreamiest one out there with crystalline water and the soft heat of the sun.” – Vasilia Giamali 

The peace between the rocky white cliffs and sapphire water will leave you without a worry in the world. Who wouldn’t want a bit more of that?!

Situated on the southern coast of Crete, you will find a beautiful beach named Preveli tucked away… far away… below the historical monastery that marks the center of town. On his way home from the Trojan War, even Odysseus, King of Ithaca, had to stop and rest beside the line of palm trees to admire the pronounced “stone of lovers'' –which almost caused him to forget he had to go home. You are certain to get whisked away in this special place.

“I have the fondest of memories of times I spent on Monastiri Beach on the Island of Paros. It’s this little rocky beach surrounded by huge rocky hills. I loved to climb up those hills to see the astonishing view from the monastery. But what I loved most– the true part of what made this place special– was the whole other world beneath the surface level, full of abundant beauty, diverse sea life, and endless adventure.” – Vasilia Giamali



Heading westward away from the hustle and bustle of Palermo is the Riserva dello Zingaro. Sicilia in general is food for the soul, made up of seaside cliffs, rare plants and wildlife, trails that lead you to the water, and perfect spots to plan a private picnic with breathtaking views. Breathe in the refreshing scents of the Mediterranean and notice where the crystal clear tea green water deepens into the vast azure blue. “This is enchantment.” – Angelo Cocita

Acciaroli. It’s only a partial mystery how this small village, nestled between the sea and the mountains, is home to over 300 centenarians. Many have traveled to this town in search of the secrets to the longevity of its people. The results? A mix of daily social and physical activity, as well as plenty of fresh herbs and produce- particularly rosemary.

Scala dei Turchi. On the southern Realmonte Coast, this seaside stairway was created by a natural blend of soft limestone and striking white marl that flows into the sea in ripples.



Covas de Xoroi, Menorca in the Balearic Islands is the best of both worlds– the perfect mix of fun and natural beauty. There is a restaurant is inside the caves, and a club inside the cliffs. After a night of dancing, you can wake and rest easy beneath the sun (just don’t forget to take care of your skin!). “The views are out of this world– the sensation is incredible.”


If you’re looking for some action, head to Faro del Caballo, Santoña, Cantabria. You have to hike for a reasonable time, where after reaching a 700+ step stairway, you’ll travel down to an old light post for boats and find a the best views between expansive cliffs of Santoña Beach –incredible– one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to.


Deia, Majorca is a fairytale-like village tucked away into mountains that softly roll into the sea. They say it has a magnetic effect on a diverse crowd from beauty and fashion icons to creative writers, thinkers, and musicians. Stay with the view from above if you want privacy, or head down to Ca's Patró March on Cala overlooking the sea for a bite to eat and the chance to catch up with friends.

Holding onto bits of Mediterranean magic, indulge in our Botanical Body Oil to help remember the natural scents, beauty, and pleasures of the places you loved most.

Until next time, Ciao!